Serving businesses with comprehensive lifestyle, activity, employment, and background Investigations.

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We specialize in discreet investigations to help insurers mitigate their exposure from insurance claims. Our finished product includes “Court-Ready” Reports and Video Evidence.


Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria

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Edmonton (Main Office)
Telephone: 780.488.4285
FAX: 780.454.3907

Station Main, P.O. Box 335
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2J6

Code of Ethics

Since our inception in 2000, MDSI has become an investigation firm highly respected by its many clients. MDSI was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and lawfulness.

  • To conduct all investigations legally, morally, and professionally.
  • To observe the precepts of truth, accuracy, and prudence.
  • To conduct investigations, particularly surveillance, with the greatest of discretion with the intention of being imperceptible
  • To conduct all of our work with the peace and safety of society as collateral goals.
  • To perform the duties of Intelligence Professionals with the highest moral principles and never be guilty of conduct that brings reproach upon the profession of the private investigator and MDSI.
  • To provide our clients with proficient reporting of all the facts in an investigation whether they be advantageous or detrimental. Nothing will be withheld from clients save by dictates of law.
  • To verify the credentials of clients and that they have lawful and moral reasons to instruct an investigation.
  • To respect the privacy of clients and their lawful confidence.
  • To be efficient, thorough, and cost effective.
  • To ensure that all MDSI Investigators and employees adhere to this Code of Ethics.